08 September 2014


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20 Facts About Me Tag!

Hello everybody.
I got tagged alot to this tag in my Instagram but I decided to do it here because I'm sure this gonna be super-duper long. If you haven't follow my Instagram yet, my Instagram is @khairunnisax. I'm writing in English is because most of them(taggers) do it in English and its also help to improve my grammar. I am not bragging anything here. Without futher do, lets get started:

  1. I was born on 28 August.
  2. I share the same birthdate with my class teacher and one of my classmates.
  3. I was born in Penang but lived in Selangor.
  4. I love shopping I mean who don't?
  5. I also do internet-shopping like everyday.
  6. I am a very big fan of kpop.
  7. Officially an EXO-L because EXO is literallly the hottest men on earth.
  8. Love to sing and dance especially during Integrated Life Skills classes because the class is like the boring class ever and ain't nobody got time for that.
  9. Always dance with my girlfriends (during Integrated Life Skills classes).
  10. I'm really a cheerful person.
  11. I love to smile especially to my enemies.
  12. I have stage-fright and afraid of heights.
  13. I have anxiety when I'm left alone.
  14. I have 4 siblings and I am the oldest.
  15. I am a girl. (incase if you didn't know that)
  16. It is very hard to this tag.
  17. I eat so much and I dont afraid to tell people that. (Peace)
  18. I don't how to end this.
  19. How should I end this?
  20. Oh, it's the end.

So now, I'm tagging all of you guys who spend their time to read mine. If you do this tag, please comment down below and I will read your facts and comment on your entry and then be friends and do alot of fun stuffs together, just by doing this tag hahaha. Please letme know if you do this tag. That's for today. Byee...
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